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Cable Installation Equipment

MRPH offers a full selection of top of the range Cable Installation equipment. Our fleet consists of numerous vehicles to suit any terrain.

MRPH, cable installation, triple drum carrier, scania, wind farm, renewable energy

For Cable Installation

- New triple drum carrier recently introduced to our fleet which has been specially fabricated for more accessible installation.

- Hydraulically assisted cable drum carriers available from 1 tonne to 10 tonne.

- Winches available from 1 tonne to 10 tonne, each equipped with computer print outs upon request.

- Bellmouths, collars and rollers of various sizes available to suit any job.

For new contract related queries, please contact Mark on +35387 2681179.

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MRPH, Duct proving, lorry, Cable installation, winch, compressor, rope, testing

For Duct Proving

All-in-one winch and compressor lorry.

- It is capable of blowing up to 1400m of 8mm bond rope with a breaking strain of 4 tonne, which can be used for duct testing.  

- It has a line speed of 2 - 250m p/m which can be used when blowing bond rope or when testing.   

- It comes complete with an on-board computer for test printouts. 

- This is all complete on one vehicle for easy mobilisation.

New triple drum setup

This triple drum setup as been in the making for the last six months. Very pleased to have introduced it to our fleet last week (November 2019) on a Grid Connection in Co. Mayo. Very happy with the whole operation.

cable Installation Video

Cable Installation at a Wind Farm.

Cable Installation Video

3 Way Cable Installation for a Wind Farm.

Cable Installation Video

Cable Installation using Hydraulically assisted drum carriers. 

Duct Proving Video

Duct Proving at a Wind Farm. 

Duct Proving Video

Duct Proving setup using our most recent addition all-in-one Winch / Compressor Lorry.